Project: White handed gibbons in Thailand

GS01WGTH There are 4 main species of gibbons native to Thailand, the most widespread of these is the White-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar). White- handed Gibbons are small, monogamous, territorial primates that live in the top canopy of the lower rainforests of South-East Asia. White- handed gibbons awake shortly before sunrise and greet the day with loud singing. This territorial singing is unique to this species and is repeated throughout the day. They swing by their long arms from branch to branch, an efficient manner of moving through the forest, called brachiating.

The project Volunteer with White handed gibbons in Thailand; The Project was set up in 1992. The project’s goal is to save gibbons and their rainforest habitat through rehabilitation and education. At the project works with gibbons that have come from captivity. This rehabilitation project aims to repopulate the rainforest in an area where gibbons lived before they were poached to extinction. In addition, the project attempts to educate both locals and tourists in order to reduce the problem in the future. They observe the released gibbons and collect data to help them understand how these gibbons cope once they are back in the wild. It also means they can develop a better understanding of released gibbons so that they can more effectively rehabilitate the gibbons in their care.


Volunteers are welcome all year round and you’re free to choose your own arrival date. The duration of your stay must be 3 weeks or longer. (A period of 8 weeks and 3 months or longer are being stimulated)


  • Minimum age for participation is 18 years old.
  • Volunteers must be in good physical condition and able to communicate in English.
  • Vaccinated against DTP, Hepatitis A and B. (additional vaccines are recommended: measles, rabies, tuberculosis and typhoid, for vaccines and/or information we advise you to visit your local clinic).

Period Price per person
3 weeks € 1.350,00
4 weeks € 1.475,00
5 weeks € 1.600,00
6 weeks € 1.725,00
7 weeks € 1.850,00
8 weeks € 1.260,00
Every extra week € 150,00
prices are valid for the said periods in the year 2017

(The prices with a minimum duration of 8 weeks or 3 months and longer are being stimulated, that’s way these prices are cheaper)


  • Accommodation (+drinking water)
  • Donation to the project
  • Training and support
  • Administration costs


You will live in a basic bungalow in a small village in Phuket. The bedrooms are normally shared by two volunteers (often bunk beds) Other facilities, kitchen and bathroom, are shared by all occupants.

The work

The work varies and after an introduction program it will take place at different sections (Quarantine, Waterfall, Centre for Conservation, Education and Fundraising (Tours) and the Rainforest). For example your tasks may be:

  • Preparing the food for the gibbons.
  • Feeding the gibbons (2 meals a day) + refreshing the water.
  • Cleaning, among others, the cages, water holders and feeding baskets.
  • Help building new cages, maintenance and enrichment.
  • Observing the gibbons at the centre and in the forests.
  • Daily health checks.
  • Running the Centre for Conservation, Education and Fundraising (Tours) by informing the tourists about the project and the gibbons. (The tourists/visitors are not permitted to enter the rehabilitation centre but may observe some of the gibbons at a distance.)
  • General maintenance

You will work 6 days a week (about 7-8 hours a day) and have 1 day off each week.

Project location The project is partly situated in a small village, and partly in the nearby rainforest on the South of Thailand. This project lies outside the touristic part of Phuket but it is possible to arrange excursions to for example the Ko Phi Phi islands or to the mangrove area for canoeing trips. Within 20 minutes you can drive to one of the beautiful beaches, certainly worth visiting!

Travel information

You will be responsible for arranging your own transport to the project. Further details on travel information to the project will be provided after your booking.

The project staff The project staff consists of a small group of full-time Thai employees. They are enthusiastic and enjoy training and working with volunteers. The languages spoken at this project are English and Thai.

Extensive information

Extensive information Project Different gibbons in Thailand (PDF)


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