Project: White handed gibbons in Thailand

GS02VGTH The shelter gives a home to 3 different types of gibbons; the White handed -, Ruif - and Piliated gibbons. Gibbons are little, monogamous, territorial apes who live in the high treetops in the lowland rainforest in Southeast Asia. The White handed- and Ruif gibbons become active shortly before sunrise and are welcoming the day by singing loudly (both with another sound). This territorial call (like a duet) is unique and is constantly being repeated during daytime. They are swinging with their arms from branch to branch, a efficient way to propel, also known as ‘brachiating’ or linger arm movement.

The project Volunteer with gibbons in Thailand. In 1991 the Gibbon sanctuary was set up with its goal to give gibbons a home and trying to rehabilitate them for getting back to the wild again. Unfortunately this is for the most gibbons not possible and they will stay the rest of their lives at the project where they take good care of them.


Volunteers are welcome all year round and you’re free to choose your own arrival date. The duration of your stay must be 1 week or longer.


  • Minimum age for participation is 17 years old or accompanied by a parnt/caretaker.
  • Volunteers must be in good physical condition and able to communicate in English.
  • Vaccinated against DTP, Hepatitis A and B. Also rabies is advised. (For additional vaccines and/or information we advise you to visit your local clinic)

PeriodPrice per person
1 week € 420,00
2 weeks € 715,00
3 weeks € 1.005,00
4 weeks € 1.150,00
Every extra week € 300,00
prices are valid for the said periods in the year 2018


  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Donation to the project
  • Training and support
  • WIFI
  • Administration costs


You’ll stay in a house at the sanctuary and usually you’ll share the bedroom with another volunteer. The bathrooms, little kitchen and tv/dvd room will be used by all participants. There are fans present and there is WIFI.

The work

The work with monkeys is varied and your tasks can be:

  • Preparing the food for the gibbons and other animals.
  • Feeding the gibbons + refreshing their drinking water.
  • Cleaning the enclosures, water containers and cribs.
  • Maintaining enclosures and building new ones if necessary.
  • Observe gibbons, or research/study.
  • Help with medical checks.
  • Maintainance.
  • Possibly inform and guide tourists and/or schools who are visiting the project.
  • Assist making billboards etc.
  • Sometimes you can join picking up or rescuing a gibbon somewhere.

You’ll work 7 days a week (about 7 hours a day). You can ask for a day off during your work.

Project location The project is situated in the Northwest of Thailand in a mountain environment near the Burmese border. The nearby city Mae Sot, is about one hour drive to the project (45 km). It is a beautiful area and there are an number of excursions possible, like for example visiting the waterfalls and Umphang National Forest.

Travel information

You will be responsible for arranging your own transport to the project. Further details on travel information to the project will be provided after your booking.

The project staff The project is being lead by the founder of this shelter. She’ll tell about the gibbons and her project with passion. The rest of the staff consist of a number of permanent Thai employees, who will accompany you during your stay. The language spoken at this project is English. (and Thai).

Extensive information

Extensive information Project Different gibbons in Thailand (PDF)


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