Project: Cheetahs in South-Africa


De cheeta oftewel jachtluipaard heeft een slank lijf met grove, half intrekbare klauwen. Zijn pels is kort, ruwharig en is licht van kleur en heeft kleine, ronde, zwarte vlekken. De cheeta heeft een kleine kop met hooggeplaatste ogen. Zwarte "druppeltekens," welke lopen van de binnenhoek van zijn ogen, via de neuszijde naar de buitenkant van de bek, houden de zon uit zijn ogen en helpen zo bij de jacht.

Naast de cheeta's, biedt het reservaat ook een thuis voor o.a. hyena's, giraffen, zebra's, vervet apen, bavianen, 350 verschillende vogelsoorten en verscheidene typen bokken o.a. kudu, nyala, rood hartebeest, springbok, duikerbok, blesbok, waterbok en blauw wildebeest, meerkat en vele anderen.

The project

www.globalspirit.nlVolunteer work with cheetahs in South-Africa; The goals of this project are to develop marginal farmlands to Game Reserves which will allow for the release of endemic species of wildlife, and the protection of flora, and fauna. To develop and acquire land for conservation, to enable breeding of Cheetah, leopard and other endangered wildlife creating a population of free roaming game so their offspring can be relocated to other reserves living under natural conditions. To benefit communities through conservation and tourism.


You can start every Monday. Minimum participation of 1 week.


  • Minimum age of 18 years old. Also volunteers from 10 years are welcome unless, accompanied by a parent/care taker;
  • To be passionate about working with animals;
  • To feel passionate about nature.
  • To respect and guarantee the vision and mission of the project.
  • To be able to show flexibility with regards to tasks and duties.
  • To be able to work in a team.
  • To be able to bear responsibility.
  • To be reliable and trustworthy.
  • There are no vaccination required for this project. (For advice and the latest information please contact your local physician before leaving your home country).


PeriodPrice per person from 12 years and older
1 week
€ 715,00
2 weeks
€ 1.100,00
3 weeks
€ 1.540,00
4 weeks
€ 1.980,00
every extra week
€ 340,00
prices are valid for the periods mentioned above in the year 2017

Costs include:
  • Transfer (retour) Port Elizabeth to the project site a € 165,00 per person
  • Accommodation
  • Activities on the reserve
  • A donation to the project for food for the animals, maintenance of the cages used for big cats and general support and maintenance of the reserve
  • Training and support
  • Administration costs


www.globalspirit.nlVolunteers will be accommodated on the reserve in cottages within 300 m from the farmhouse. This is an opportunity to live close to nature with the convenience of the use of a comfortable farmhouse, offering two big living areas, a spacious kitchen, two braai (BBQ) areas, swimming pool and other facilities. The cottages have 3 bedrooms each. Males and females are allocated separate sharing cottages, unless travelling as a couple. The project also offers a luxury cottage where you can stay alone or sharing 2 people. (If you are interested please contact via for more information).

The work

Work on the Reserve is diverse, and therefore daily activities vary, but participants may be assured of a close and personal experience with the African Bush, and some of its wild life. Activities that participants are involved in may vary and not all activities are done during each volunteer’s stay. Your work may contain of:

Animal rehabilitation:

  • Cheetah release and breeding program;
  • Walking with cheetah every 3 or 4 days , during the release program. As in nature, where they will only hunt every 3 or 4 days and this schedule will be followed;
  • Release and monitoring of other endemic animal species;
  • Feeding, monitoring, and behavioral enrichment of any animals undergoing rehabilitation;
  • Cutting of meat and preparing food for animals
  • Cleaning of camps and open fields;
  • Assisting wildlife veterinarians, if the need arises;
  • Daily monitoring of released species;

Conservation management:

  • Erection of fences and boma’s (holding encampments);
  • Road maintenance and building;
  • Control and removal of alien vegetation and reserve clean up;
  • Game counts and individual identification profiles for game;
  • Erosion control and monitoring of waterholes;
  • Game capture, transportation and introduction;
  • Identifying of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and plant species;
  • Filming and photography;

Volunteers will work usually Monday to Friday. Weekends are there to relax, but some tasks still need to be done, like feeding animals for example.

Project location

www.globalspirit.nlThe conservation and rehabilitation farm is located close to the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, which is a huge nature reserve situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which is a world heritage site. The Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve is a unique area in South Africa and almost unique in the world, for it boasts an unspoiled natural habitat for leopards. As a result, these magnificent creatures have been spotted on numerous occasions in the area. The project is situated about 2.5 hours drive from the coastal town Port Elizabeth, the 5th largest city in South Africa.

During volunteers stay fun activities are offered, such as: Camping out under the stars, Game drives and game walks, picnic lunch etc.

Travel information

You are responsible for your own journey to Port Elizabeth, South-Africa. Detailed travel information will be given after your booking

The project staff

www.globalspirit.nlThe staff consist of 5 staff members, including 2 game rangers and a volunteer coordinator. Language spoken at this project is English (and sometimes African).

Extensive information

Extensive information Project Cheetahs in South Africa (PDF)


Because of the relocation of the project to another location, this project can't be booked for the time being. For more information send an email to