Project: Orang-utans and wildlife in Indonesia


www.globalspirit.nlThis project protects mainly orang-utans, but also different kind of gibbons, sun bears, turtles, raptors, parrots and more.

Orang-Utans have long arms are reddish of colour and sometimes have brown hair. They are very intelligent. Of all apes, the orang-utan is the only one who climbs the most into trees. They do not swim, but some Bornean orang-utans wade sometimes. The name orang-utan comes from the Malay Orang Hutan, which means forest man. Outside Indonesia the name is abbreviated to orang, a word that means ‘man’ in Indonesia, with the consequence that European people can feel offended when they are being called orang in Indonesia. Orang-utans are found on Borneo and Sumatra: the Bornean orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) on Borneo and the Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelii) in Sumatra. The environment of the orang-utans has decreased dramatically in recent years due to deforestation and logging, mining and forest fires. Also young orang-utans are being captured illegally to be sold as pets. Often the mother is being killed to catch the young orang-utan. The Bornean orang-utan is thereby endangered and the Sumatran orang-utan is threatened with

The project

Volunteer work with orang-utans and wildlife in Indonesia; the main goals of this project are to rescue, rehabilitation program for releasing animals to the wild, offer sanctuary and protect orang-utans, but also other animal species.


Volunteers are welcome all year around. You are free to choose your own arrival date (arrivals preferable on a Sunday or Monday). Minimum period of 1 week.


  • Minimum age for participation is 18 years old.
  • Communicate in English.
  • Have a passion for working with animals.
  • Love nature.
  • The required vaccines for this project are DTP, hepatitis A and B (Please see the extensive information sheet for the totall medical requirements) .


PeriodPrice per person
1 week€ 535,-
2 weeks € 645,-
3 weeks€ 725,-
4 weeks € 810,-
every extra week€ 85,-
prices count for the period referred in 2017

Prices include:
  • Transfer Yogyakarta airport – project site (return)
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day (and snacks) including water
  • Training and supervision
  • Working equipment
  • Internet access
  • Donation to the project
  • Administration costs


Volunteers will accommodated in the communal volunteer house. You will share the room with 1 other volunteer . In the volunteer house is also a bathroom, dining- and recreational area with tv and air-conditioned.

The work

The work for the orang-utans and other animals varies and your tasks can be:

  • Assisting the animal keepers and vet with the daily tasks like:
    - Veterinary rounds, health check/observation;
    - Food preparation;
    - Cage cleaning;
    - Gardening;
  • Animal feeding;
  • Animal enrichment;
  • English lessons for local community (if interested);
  • Kids club (if interested);

    You will work 5 days a week and in the weekends you have free time.

Project location This field project is located 22 km west of Jogjakarta city. You will experience a peaceful and clean environment. It also has a small forest which gives the sensation of living in a tropical forest. During your days off you can visit nice touristic places, like the Borobudur, the Prambanan Temple, etcetera.

www.globalspirit.nlTravel information

Please arrange your own travel to Yogyakarta. Detailed travel information will be given after your booking.

The project staff

The project staff consists of animal keepers and a vet. You will work together with the staff and other volunteers present.

Extensive information

Extensive information Orang-utans and wildlife (PDF)


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