About us

Global Spirit is an organisation with more than 13 years experience that supplies environmental projects worldwide with volunteers so that they can continue to do their important work. The volunteers not only provide the local projects (primarily animal welfare and conservation projects) with financial assistance but they also contribute essential manpower as well. Volunteers are the backbone of these projects - without them, much of the important conservation work being done around the world would be impossible.

www.globalspirit.nlThat’s why Global Spirit offers no ordinary - , but volunteer travels. Travels in which young (mostly from 18 years) and old can perform volunteer work on different nature projects and thereby will gain an unique experience that will not only benefit nature, but will also be remembered for a lifetime. Instead of ordinary vacations, Global Spirit offers volunteering trips for young (over 18 years of age) nature-lovers. Travel to exotic places that includes environmental volunteer work not only benefits the planet but is a unique experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Global spirit’s founder has travelled extensively all over the world and has volunteered at various conservation projects.

The website includes extensive information regarding the various projects so that volunteers are well-informed and know what to expect. Also provided is a detailed description on the different countries in which the work is done and we encourage volunteers to explore their surroundings during their stay. If you’d more information than is provided on the website, you can download each project’s extensive information folder.

We are currently offering projects Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Portugal, South-Africa, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Thailand, but plan to include projects in other countries soon. Welcome to our website and we hope to see you at one of our projects sometime soon. www.globalspirit.nl