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Global Spirit offers unique and exciting volunteer opportunities all over the world. Our volunteer vacations give you the chance to work with wild animals and truly interact with the environment a fascinating experience that you will never forget!


Code Project name Country
GS06ZSGR Project: Sea turtles Greece
GS24WDIT Project: Whales & dolphins Italy
GS07ADHR Project: Adriatic dolphins Kroatia
GS23WOPT Project: Wolves Portugal

Central & South America

Code Project name Country
GS19VACL Project: Different monkeys Chile
GS26ZSCR Project: Sea turtles Costa Rica


Code Project name Country
GS12CAKE Project: Colobus monkeys Kenya
GS27ZSKE Project: Sea turtles Kenya
GS28DKZA Project: Animals and children South Africa
GS38BKZA Project: Big Cats South Africa
GS21MAZA Project: Marine Adventure South Africa
GS22PAZA Project: Horses South Africa
GS32VAZA Project: Different Monkeys South Africa
GS34PIZA Project: Penguins South Africa


Code Project name Country
GS30RVID Project: Birds of prey (and sea turtles) Indonesia
GS31OUID Project: Orang-utans and wildlife Indonesia
GS37WLID Project: Wildlife Indonesia
GS33ONLK Project: Elephants and nature Sri Lanka
GS02VGTH Project: Different gibbons Thailand
GS01WGTH Project: White-handed gibbons Thailand
GS03AOTH Project: Asian elephants Thailand